Daily Guide Devotional: Prompt Obedience


Text: Mathew 2:13-23


When we obey God promptly, it is to our own benefit. Many heartaches and sorrows are averted. Sometimes, we expect to hear from God in a unique way. We think God speaks only through some mighty men of God or prophets. This shows otherwise. God speaks to all his children individually in his own peculiar way.


What really matters is what we use his revelations to do. He says he will not do a thing without revealing it to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). We all are prophets and priest, (Rev 5). God can reveal things concerning us, our families and even people not related to us. What do we do with these revelations. Do we explain them away or follow up with prayers?


Many times, we are too busy to notice when God is speaking due to our numerous activities. As believers we must make out time for God. It is also required that we ask God for revelations. When we notice that our dreams and visions are not coming as before, then something might be wrong spiritually. We need to follow it up in prayer.


It is a privilege to be taught by God. Joseph would have been oblivious of the imminent danger and at a loss of what to do if he didn’t receive any guidance from God. At this crucial moment in the life of baby Jesus what mattered was his protection. Joseph didn’t stop to think of what will become of his carpentry job or what family and friends would think. As soon as he received from the lord, he followed up on it promptly. May we imbibe this virtue in our own lives and may God in his infinite mercy continue to keep us safe in Jesus name, Amen!

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