Daily Guide Devotional: Let us go to the house of the lord

Psalm 122 is a classical reminder of the need to come together in fellowship as children of God and also the joy that emanates from such fellowship. There is every need that we go up to the lord’s house because that is where we express our common identity as believers. It is where we fellowship together as a family and a community of God.


God is a communal God. This is evident in the divine Trinity where he manifests himself in three different identities relating as one in essence. A mystery that man’s mind can never fathom.



Psalm 122:1

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.”


This gladness is sponsored by love for the courts of the LORD. It is not necessarily about what God can give but the privilege of fellowship with the LORD.


The motive of coming to church or kneeling privately in prayer must first of all be the quest for God’s presence. Challenges may often try to be the driving force, but a God chaser is not challenge driven. He is presence – thirsty.


Dear Father, as the dear pants for water, May our souls long for thee again in Jesus name

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