Daily Guide Devotional: Israel’s Redeemer is Strong

Text: Jeremiah 50:33-46

Indeed! Israel’s redeemer is strong and mighty. Let all the saints say so. For God has promised, I will never leave you nor forsake you, neither will I let you be confounded. He shamed Babylon by snatching out the captive Jews from their iron fist and setting them free. It was God’s determination that they be punished  but Babylon assigned glory to himself and  his godless gods. But hear the verdict of the lord according to the message bible: verses 33-34 “the people of Israel are beaten down, the people of Judah along with them. Their oppressors have them in a grip of steel, they won’t let go. But the rescuer is strong; God of the angel armies, yes I will take their side, I’ll come to their rescue. I’ll soothe their land but rough up the land of Babylon”. Alleluia!!

This is a most heart warming message. The lord sees the oppression of his people. He also observes the wickedness of their task masters. It was his will that they be taken captive but the wickedness of man sought to annihilate and obliterate their very existence. God will not be angry with his people forever. He’s promised David a remnant. “His kingdom I will not utterly destroy. Even if his children disobey me, I will punish them but I will not utterly cast them away”. This testimony should give us hope. We are God’s special people if we’ve been washed and cleansed by the blood of the eternal lamb, Jesus. We have an everlasting covenant with God. He is not ready to let us go. Therefore, pick up yourself from where you have fallen and return to your rock of defence God, he’s decreed to rescue you from your oppressors.

Israel’s rescue means also the punishment of his task masters. As Egypt was judged so also Babylon is  judged today. For lording it over God’s people in their time of affliction and taking undue advantage of them without consideration of their maker, judgement has come and it is without remedy. Babylon’s very existence will be completely erased. Let us always remember that God has the prerogative of judging every man for to him shall all flesh come. Whatever we do to the people under us, let us remember that we have a common master who is interested in how we show mercy and deliver justice. On the day of reckoning may we not be found empty of any good works of mercy.

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