Daily Guide Devotional: God Our Deliverer

Text: Psalm 124:1 – 8

God Almighty has promised to deliver us from the snare of the fowler (Psalm 91:3). Satan does not willingly release His captives, but he is no match for our God. Trusting the lord wholeheartedly as our deliverer is Our best bet out of all the evil snares of the enemy.


A look at the lives of the Israelites in their wilderness journey gives us a glimpse into God’s ability to deliver. This wondrous work is culminated in Jesus who  died for our salvation, deliverance and freedom.


If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men rose up against us’ (vs 2), we would have perished.


Indeed what can we do against the army of uncertainties, diseases, disasters, crisis, sorrow, pain, lack, troubles and fears around us? Yet, on a  more comforting note:


Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.


It is our responsibility to escape once the snare is broken. Dear believer, flap your wings; the snare is broken! Even though “the righteous dwelling in Mount Zion is not spared from the rod of Assyrians” (Isaiah 10:24). As the lord our God continually opens a door of deliverance, we must be vigilante to locate this door and escape without delay.


Read also: Awake the Dawn, singing Luke 15:18


Take comfort in Obadiah 1:17;


And upon mount Zion, there shall be holiness and there shall be deliverance and (we) the sons of Jacob  shall possess their possessions.


Father, thank you for being on our side. Since You have broken our snares, we take a flight away with You now in Jesus; raise your righteous right hand  and deliver us from every snare of the fowler hidden against us onto evil in Jesus name, Amen!

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