Daily Guide Devotional: Crucified and Alive in Christ

Text: Galatians 2:11-21

It’s a glorious truth: crucified, yet alive. Alive in him who creates and recreates. Alive in him who makes all things new. This is the mystery of being born again the world cannot understand. We no longer live the life of  the natural man; we live in Christ, move and have our being in him.

Paul was audacious to speak up.  In wisdom he corrected Peter’ error. Thank God for holy spirit in the hearts of those committed to him. They steadfastly correct error and reprove wrong teachings.

A lot of ills have crept into the church. Many preachers incorporate certain stereotypes and make them mandatory on believers. The law is good because God made it so. But in the present dispensation and God’s plan of salvation, it is already obsolete.

Peter could be likened to some of us who do not have a firm grasp of what the bible teaches, so we keep changing churches and fellowship groups. The real teaching of the word of God is by revelation. It comes to us individually in our closets as we seek the lord in private. Paul received the authentic teaching from Jesus himself. With his superior knowledge of the law he could easily see how the law was fulfilled in Jesus.

Jesus is our life. There is no life anywhere else for a child of God. In him we live, move and have our being. Allow him today to live in you by simply yielding to his leading through the indwelling holy spirit.

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