Daily Guide Devotional: Change of Status

Text: Galatians 3:26-4:7

Change of status is likened to a change in rank or advancement from a lower position to a more desirable one. It pleased God to elevate us.  We became reduced from what he created us to be originally. Adam was created a son of God. But when he fell, he became a slave of Satan. Our righteous nature was traded for sinfulness. God was determined to restore man to his original state. At the onset of this journey of restoration he gave the law to instruct about sin and sinfulness.

The law exposed more the depravity of man. Man’s inability to keep its demand simply enhances what God said to Adam in the garden: “the day you eat of this fruit, you shall surely die”. Man died in morals and lost the will power to do right. The law managed to keep the recklessness of man in check until God’s appointed time for restoration. At the fullness of time, he sent Jesus to be born of a woman under the law to free those who had been confined under the law. In his death he fulfilled the elemental laws of the universe; what Adam took was given back in Jesus’ death and the equilibrium of creation was once more restored.

In Jesus our status changed from slaves of Satan to sons of God. We’ve become restored as God’s adopted children by his legal decree.  We’re liberated from the curse and the antecedents of the law. We are to live freely once again. Our freedom is in our ability to live above the power of sin. We do not give in to our sinful desires anymore because we have received a greater power: the power of the holy spirit.  So, now, we are God’s children because his holy spirit is in us. We have his essence and his nature. This is all made possible by Jesus’ death. It becomes ours by the faith we repose in what he has done. Have you reposed this faith in him yet? You can only enjoy this change in status when you acknowledge him as your saviour and accept all he has done on your behalf by faith.


featured image: Galatians 4 Chiastic stricture

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