Daily Guide Devotional: A Cry for Mercy


Text: Psalms 130:1- 8

Psalm 130 is indeed, a cry for mercy. We all need the mercy of God both the saved and unsaved, alike. God’s  mercy is not redistributive. It reaches to all and sundry; as many as would cry out for it. Mercy is leniency and underserved favour. It is the desire to be set off the hook from a well deserved punishment. A cry for mercy is characterized by the plea or request we make whenever we are overcome by emotions or situations beyond what we can possibly manage in our own power.


The psalmist recognised his frailties and shortcomings. He owned up to them and cried out for mercy to the one who is able to deliver him.  In Verses 3 – 4, we read:


If you lord should mark iniquities, O lord who could stand? But there is forgiveness with you that you  may be feared.


This is where we need mercy most. God is the one who forgives sins. Most of the heartaches we suffer come as a result of our sins and sinful inclinations. Our emotional outbursts and uncontrolled affections are the basic reasons we go contrary to God’s righteous demands.


Therefore, no matter how righteous we may feel we are, we need to constantly ask for forgiveness of our sins. If Job, the most righteous man of his time, could still be accused by Satan. Who among us can stand? Today our best hope out of sin is to trust what Jesus has done. To look unto his cross in repentance and live, each time sin attacks.


Father, we wait for you. We cry out for mercy. If you do not forgive us who will? Forgive our shortcomings, as you zip up this year. Touch us in our areas of need and remove the sins that so easily beset us. Increase your grace that we may remain faithfully committed to serving you all the days of our lives. Hear and answer lord, as we pray in Jesus name. Amen

Watch video: Singing Psalm 130 with Shane and Shane; I will wait for you.

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