Calm and Quiet before God (SU Daily Guide Review)

Date: December 31, 2020

Scripture: Psalm 131;1-3

Theme: My Soul is Calm and Quiet before God


David summarily said in this short Psalm:

my heart is not lifted up, my eyes are not lofty…I have calmed my soul, like a weaned child with his mother…

To be calm and quiet in our soul requires that we trust God totally. A calm and quiet soul surrenders to God in prayer, humility and child-like trust. David here, has  eventually, decided to stop fighting God, arguing with him and trying to bend his hand. He has quit pride, arrogance  and manipulations. He has resigned to what must be He has willingly accepted the leading of the holy spirit


This psalm is a good place to start our retreat. As we move into our closets in quietude and solitude this last day of the year, there is a lot to deliberate upon. Having taken the vow to serve the lord for the rest of our lives, our successes or failures in all of life’s endeavours can only be measured in this regard. It is a moment of sober reflection. How far have we fared? How has our service, dedication, devotion and obedience been?


Have you run well in your closet life? That is where the real action is. We may have prepared grandiose means of serving God through our  beautiful and lofty church programmes; preachings, outreaches, church participations etc etc which are all good. But the real action is the hidden person of the heart. God says in Isaiah; but on this one will I look; “he that is contrite at heart and trembles at my word”


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Have you taken hold of his promises to overcome those areas of backsliding? Have you dealt with your besetting sins that no man knows about? The power in Jesus is greater than the power of any sin. Come clean today. Stop struggling. Lay it bare on the table. In prayer and supplications with thanksgiving make your request known to God, there is nothing He cannot do. End this year in calmness and quietness before your maker.

May we all crossover smoothly in Peace of mind, body, soul and spirit in Jesus name, Amen!

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Nzewi Amilo Comfort

Thank You Lord that You alone can bring healing to the weary soul.I prostrate before You to be calm in spirit as i submit to you. Amen to Your easing balm.

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