Awake the Dawn with Judikay: ‘Capable God’

There is nothing our God cannot do. This knowledge gives me hope. In Jeremiah 32, God instructed Jeremiah to purchase a land from his cousin in the soon to be exiled country.  This instruction seemed absurd to Jeremiah. He had a lot of questions. God saw his uneasiness and replied him in verse 27:


“Behold, I am the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me?”


This is the question we should meditate on today. Is there a burden? Are you at crossroads? God is our burden bearer. He makes a way where there is none. He makes a road in the middle of the sea and creates a highway in the wilderness. He makes rivers in the desert and calls forth water from the rock. He is the same God who raised dead Lazarus from the grave. He made issue of blood to cease after 12 years. A man with palsy was healed after 38 years. Indeed, He can do all things.


Let us join Judikay to praise this God. Cast all your cares at his feet. Do not give in to despair. Hold on to his promises; they do not disappoint. It may delay, but can never be denied. He is too faithful to fail.

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