Bible verse for Meditation and memorization today is Hebrews 11:6. It says;  

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him

Thoughts on Today’s Verse:

The chief end of man is to please God. God cannot be pleased unless we have faith. Faith is the salt of our sacrifice. As the Israelites were required to season every sacrifice with salt so must everything we do for God find acceptance with him through our faith. Faith is the substance of things  hoped for and the evidence of things yet unseen.
Faith in God requires knowledge,  assent and trust. How can they believe unless they hear and how can they hear unless someone preach to them. Faith comes by hearing and hearing, the word of God. You can’t believe what you do not know. People who go to church are called believers. But a majority do not know what they actually believe. You can only believe a  concept when you’re fully aware of what it’s all about. Therefore, faith in God requires studying to know what faith is all about. 
Faith needs your assent. This means, when you accept that God is God, it requires that you accept everything he reveals to be true. You don’t accept some portions of the bible and reject some because you can’t figure it out. You’ll rather accept it because God says it is so. More importantly, Faith requires action. 
Faith that is not expressed is not existent; it is dead. This is why acceptance of what God has ordained about Jesus challenges everything that we know. It requires us to reject all knowledge and wisdom that is not in line with God’s word and embrace every promise, every blessing, warning or lesson exactly as it is. 
Faith in Jesus Christ is the substance of our belief in God. Whatever good we do without proper regard to who Jesus is and his finished work on the cross does not please God. 
This video will help you build your faith. 

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