The bible verse for Meditation and memorization today is 1John 4: 19

We love him because He first loved us (NKJV)

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

God’s love is immeasurable. It’s unimaginable. We can never be able to comprehend the depth and height of his love for us. Even before we conceived in our hearts what love means he already loved us. It is a wonder how he graciously bears with us. What could prompt him to go all the way to find man after  he fell from the glorious abode of paradise? It was love. Love is not fickle like the dramatic emotions of our TV shows. God’s love is unending, stable,reliable and unconditional. 

Are you searching for love? Meditate on how God loved you and pursued you to make you the object of his love. Children who are loved naturally love in return. They are also secure in the knowledge that they are not loved because of any particular  good works they do,  rather they are loved because they are members of the family. We talk about the object of our love more often within a day than we do another thing. Some who love their children always find reasons to talk about them and praise them for every little achievement. Some cannot leave their spouse out of any conversation because they love them and always have them in their minds. 

Likewise, we, as God lovers, cannot claim to love God if we could hardly talk to Him or about him in the course of our day. Let us pursue His love today. Make it a daily habit to find ways to express your love for God, for nothing we can do would make us love him more than he will ever love us.

PRAYER: Father, you are so loving. We can barely attempt to comprehend the magnitude of your love for us. You couldn’t find a better way to express it so you gave yourself up for us. Grant us grace lord to live our lives in the mindset of this love. Help us realize that nothing and no one can separate us from your love, which we have in you through Christ JESUS. Amen!

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