Spiritual Nuggets for the Day: Prophecy


A prophet speaks the will of God and God honours his word (I Sam 3:19). There have always been false prophets. 

False prophecy may be motivated by the search for fame and material gains. A desire to please people or warm one’s way into authority. A desire to douse tension and give false or unfounded hope. It may be influenced by demonic possession or subjection (Jeremiah 28:1-17).

Let us beware of false prophets (Mt 7:15). They increase sin, bondage and  yoke of  individuals, people and nations. A false prophet shies away from the truth and is guided by the principles of the flesh so he cannot be effective guide for our souls (Mt 15:14). We should re-evaluate what kind of prophets we are or we listen to. May we love God enough to be true to him and be his true prophets through Christ Jesus. 

What Are the signs you may have the gift of prophecy? Listen to this video and be blessed!

PRAYER: Father, we thank you for the gifts you’ve given to the church for our edification and comfort. May you guide us aright in the use of prophecies. Many are deceiving and being deceived today through this ministry. We know you are not an author of confusion. Silence every mouth that speaks falsehood using your name. May we not fall victims of tjeir evil deeds. Expose them for who they are, that men may beware. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen!

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