This is the third and concluding part of this series of articles.  Before reading this post I suggest you see what is the value of sex  and If you are still a virgin. I dedicate this third part to all young people who are aspiring to get it right. If you’re married, you can also find help and help others too in their areas of struggle.

One man, one woman, for life. That’s the way God designed it. ( Bible references Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Ephesians 5:31, 1 Corinthians 6:16). If you believe that, it can change the way you look at sex. So can believing this: God loves you and values you. He has a special purpose for your life. Knowing how God feels about you can inspire you to save your sexual purity for your wedding day. That will become your way of telling your husband or wife: “I love you so much that I loved you even before I met you – by saving myself for you. We will have a life-long adventure of sexual closeness that won’t be ruined by the memories of other sexual partners.” Do you want that? Or are the Four Big “Buts” keeping you from that?

1. But I will use protection. While using protection could protect your health (although not always effective in stopping STDs), it can never project your heart.
2. But we won’t go all the way. Some people think that as long as they stick to foreplay, they’ll be fine. But they won’t. Plus, foreplay is like a fire. It easily gets out of control.
3. But we love each other. The average person will have several romantic relationships before they get married. Real, lasting love is more than a strong feeling. It’s a life-long commitment.
4. But waiting for sex is pointless. No, it’s not! Anyone can sleep around, but it takes a man or woman of character and integrity to wait. You don’t need someone to be someone. Waiting for sex is worth it when you marry the man or woman of your dreams. 

What must I to do?

Start by giving your life to Christ if you haven’t done so

Make a decision to wait for sex. Every new direction in life starts with a simple choice.

•Realize it will be tough. Your hormones, movies, music, and peer pressure will tempt you to throw away your values.
• Choose friends who share your values.
• Stay single until you’re ready for marriage.
• If you go out with someone, make sure they share your values.
• If someone pressures you sexually, say, “You don’t respect me or my values. I’m out of here 

• Don’t fill your mind with sex. Avoid sexually-charged music, movies, books or places

• Stay away from alcohol and drugs. People do dumb things when they’re drunk or high. 

• If you make a mistake, learn from it. Ask God for forgiveness and the power to stand strong.
• Share your struggles with someone you respect.
• Get tested. If you’ve had sex, get tested for STDs and HIV.
• Write a letter to your future life partner – tell them you will save yourself for them.
• If you’ve been abused or raped, realize your virginity was not taken from you. You’re still a virgin in God’s eyes, until you choose to give that away.
• When you feel tempted, pray and ask God for strength.
• Spend time with God, His Word, and His people. Find a church you can call home.

See video:

PRAYER: Thank You, God, for loving me. Inspire me to save myself for marriage (or give me strength to become a secondary virgin – choosing to stop having sex before marriage). I have heard your word and I want to obey you. Help me to stand firm in my decision through Christ Jesus. Amen!

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