DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: The Wonder of God’s Word (Watch Video)


Text: Psalms 119: 121-144

Indeed God’s word is perfect as it is powerful. It is a wonder to behold. Its filled with blessings untapped and mysteries untold. To find it is to find delight and to know it is to be satisfied. No one dives into the pleasure of God’s word and comes out the same. It breaks and heals, it tears down and restores. It also restructures and rebuilds making a saved man perfect in holiness. We join the psalmist this morning to explore the wonders of God’s word.

Verses 121-128 is a plea for justice and deliverance. When we trust in God’s word, we are in direct opposition to the kingdom of darkness. We face opposition on every side. But with understanding we are not deterred, rather we seek the more to love God’s word more than precious gold. Our hatred for falsehood grows and we appreciate all of God’s precepts as we consider them to be right.

“The entrance of your word gives light  and brings understanding to the simple”(verse 130). God’s word is so powerful that it makes even a foolish man wise. Any man who comes to Christ through faith and receives his pure word never remains the same again. The word transforms, purifies and regenerates a man to become a saint. Things that were hitherto obscured are made plain to him. Fullness of life comes only when we are taking in the word daily and living it out. 

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The effect of sin upon the righteous man is made glaring in this psalm. We see people who live in wanton disregard of God’s word and it pierces our soul. The psalmist feels the same. Having known the treasure the word of God is, it brings tears to the eyes when we are surrounded by iniquity everywhere. Our joy is that Jesus has defeated sin and its consequences. We can reach the word around us with this word of God and bring light even into the darkest place. Thank you father for the gift of your word. May we celebrate its wonders daily as we dwell in it always. Amen!

Watch this 5 mins video.

credit; Faith NFM

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