Text:Psalms 121;1-8

Indeed, the lord watches over us. That’s what he’s promised us and he does it faithfully. He doesn’t fail. The message bible renders verse one this way “I look up to the mountains, does my strength come from mountains? No! My strength comes from God who made heaven and Earth and Mountains”. What an assurance!!

Mountains are those visible, mighty and daunting structures that seem imposing; capable  of withstanding tension, stable and static. They can be likened to the visible things in which men place their trust and hopes of safety or survival. But this pilgrim psalmist looked away from the mountain. He asked; “Does my help come from the mountain? And I ask you too, child of God, does your strength come from the mountains? Do you hope on what the eyes can see? Is your confidence in your bank account, spouse, children, certificates, connections, pastors, man of God? 

All other Ground is sinking sand. Unless the lord watch over a city, they wake in vain that keep watch. We are so blessed because we have God. He does not sleep nor slumber neither does he walk away. We are in a covenanted relationship with him. Marriages may break, but our union with Christ cannot be destroyed. Even if we hurt him by sinning, we know he will not cast us away forever unless we refuse to repent.  So, what is that area of your life that you feel God has neglected? Let today’s psalm comfort you. He is standing on his promises working out his purpose to bring you to the expected end. He is 100℅ committed to your total wellbeing. Trust him completely. He watches over you!!

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