God is holy and everything about him is holy. His anger is also considered holy because it works out justice. His anger is not like that of man which works iniquity. Bible says he is slow to get angry but abundant in mercy. As we study the bible it is important to take note of those things that make God angry. This gives us a glimpse into his principles and mode of operation. 
Moab has become despicable in the sight of God.  Today we see God’s strong statement in verse 42  “And Moab  shall be destroyed as a people, because he exalted himself against the lord”. This is the reason Moab is being judged. For making Israel a contempt and a derision (verse 27) they were exhibiting their pride (vv29). God hates pride and arrogance. He punishes it wherever it is found. For making themselves the enemies of Israel, their kinsmen (though one would wonder why, going by all the good Abraham did for Lot) they basically placed themselves in opposition to God. Israel is God’s chosen and special people. Moab’s case reminds one of Amalek. That nation was also judged and God says he will obliterate their existence from the earth because being a kin of Israel, they were surprisingly the first nation to attack Israel at the very period of  their nascent freedom from Egypt. And God vowed ” I will eternally make war with Amalek” (Exodus 17:8-16). Moab another kin of Israel fell into the same error, today, was their day of reckoning. 
The church is God’s special and chosen people  world over. Those who trust in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent are the spiritual Israel. Any man or nation which places itself in opposition to them is definitely incurring the wrath of God. God promised Jesus “sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool”. This tells us that presently God is working to bring to judgement everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and his Christ. Let this be our comfort. May we be encouraged to look at the broader picture of what God is doing and seek to be part of it. Being a believer makes us a part of the Christian community but more importantly, it makes us a part of the spiritual army of Jesus. Do not see yourself as less. Do not fret when people everywhere including family members lift up themselves against you. The one who has conscripted you into his army is Jehovah Nissi. He fights and avenges beyond what any man can do.
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