DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Stick to the Undefiled Gospel (Watch video)

Text: 2 Corinthians 11:1-15

I am led to start this devotional with a little story. My father in the lord is an Igbo man born in Calabar; southern part of Nigeria. He was posted to a church in the Eastern part of Nigeria where the predominant language was Ibo.  He didn’t know much of the IBO language. His wife too was not so educated so they weren’t both so eloquent nor dramatic. Neither were they crafty, nor worldly wise. 

They only knew one thing -JESUS. He was all they cared about. He was all they laboured for day in and day out. Today, after having parted from them for so many years, the training in the word of God I received from them is still keeping me energized. But, so many people in the church back then preferred more eloquent pastors. They complained that pastor didn’t know how to raise funds. He didn’t know how to speak, he preaches only holiness, and so on and so forth.

This was the kind of scenario that confronted Paul in Corinth. He laboured in love over the Corinthians. He wanted the best for them. He borrowed money from other churches. He used even his personal allowance just to make sure that Christ is formed in these ones. Instead of appreciation, he was despised. 

They preferred the brothers that were “vibrant” “full of the holy ghost”, with much drama, charisma and charm. They loved those who mixed a little truth with plenty of lies. They wanted those who told them to sow one million and get 5 million the next day. What a sorry state the church is in today. We call evil good; and good evil. We are looking at outward appearance, eloquence and charm instead of the real truth of the sincere word of God. 

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Many believers today are really in a big mess. They believe all sorts of lies and are loving their man of God more than they love Jesus. Most of these men of God preach along with a lot of style and pomp. With a lot of musical background and all sorts of sensual effects they create. Then they appeal to the base nature of man by twisting the word of God out of its context on a daily basis and feeding it to their gullible members. 

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I don’t know where you belong. But I plead along with brother Paul today, do not be deceived as Eve was deceived. Stand your ground. Do not trade your precious salvation in Christ for the mere pottage of testimonies of financial and material breakthroughs. You may have all these things but without appearing pure as the well kept bride of Jesus on that day, you will be rejected.

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