DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Returning to God in Prayer


Text: Lamentations 3:40-66

Yesterday we saw hope rising. Today we see hope and faith in action. From despair Jeremiah turns his face to God who can do all things.. He lifts his voice in prayer because he knows that even in his anger, the lord reserves mercy for his beloved. When we have become victims of circumstances in suffering along with others in our community due to repercussions of sin, instead of allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by grief we should rather focus on God. This requires that we must know God personally. Jeremiah has an intimate relationship with God and so, he knows that God will surely hear and answer. 

He asks in verse 40-42 that we search out and examine our ways and turn back to the lord. It is only in returning that we will find rest. We must own up to our sins. Confess them before we seek for restoration. He calls on Judah to do just that. And we are also being called to do just that today. What is that matter between you and God? The More you hide it or try to cover it up with many arguments, the more you wallow in the sin and reject God’s offer of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

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When we hide our sin the lord covers himself with a cloud and our prayers cannot penetrate, the heaven over us becomes brass (verses 43-54). When we confess and forsake them friendship is restored, then God draws near on the day we call. He pleads our case and he redeems our life (verses 55-58). The lord sees all the schemes of the enemy even beyond what we can see and begin to fight for us (verses 61-66). We are no match for the devil. Our anchor is God. To maintain his protection we must stay within the boundaries he marked out for us or quickly return to him when we err by confessing and renouncing our sin.

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