DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Messing up Life for Your Children

The passage shows us that God cannot be taken for granted. His judgments and his mercies stand as decreed. He promised doom to Jeroboam and his lineage and he carried it out through this man Baasha. This doesn’t make God the bad guy. He does not do evil neither does he orchestrate evil. But he must remain true even when all others are liars. He is a just God and his judgement must surely uphold for that is the foundation of his throne.

Jeroboam did the unimaginable thing and led all Israel into sin of idolatry. After so many warnings he still did not repent. His son got up and continued in the father’s sin. (Verse 26) Rightfully, the punishment due must be fully meted out to him. Another usurper was used to carry out this judgement.  Sometimes I wonder why it is so easy for generations to persist in sin even when they witness its devastating effect. This is due to man’ s depraved nature. The natural man is inclined to sin and disobedience more than he will ever be obedient.

Look at Baasha, we would think that after serving as the instrument of judgement upon the house of Jeroboam he will do the right thing and put an end to idolatry.  Unfortunately, This did not happen…verse 34 still recorded that he did evil in the sight of the lord and walked in the way of Jeroboam. 

When we continue in sin we are only creating problems for ourselves. Evil may thrive for a moment or for a very long time but to maintain the equilibrium of the universe as put in place by God, evil and disobedience to God’s precepts must be judged. Sin is a mocker, a waster and a killer. Let us always bear this in mind. It’s effect does not end with us. It continues up to the third and fourth generation, according to the bible.  Except a man arises from that family lineage and repents of that sin and confesses it, its effect may never end.

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Jesus has made this even more easier for us. He has given us a way of escape. He has done all that is required for us to be free from the devastating effects of sin. All who come to him, he says he will give them power to become the children of God. Make a choice today to extricate yourself from all the shackles and bondage of ancestral sins. Run to Jesus and he will give you a new life and a new name. 

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