Bible Text: Lamentations 3:19-39

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness O Lord” (vere 22-23). This verse is full of hope, assurance and compassion. God is a being we cannot attempt to comprehend with our finite minds. He runs on definite principles that are not in line with the ways of the world. One would expect that as he has gone out to punish Judah, he will never relent. In this study we are rather witnessing the positive confessions of the prophet. He had already sunk deep into grief and depression, but in this hopelessness he remembered God’s faithfulness. He recalled that God’s punishment doesn’t cancel out his faithful commitment to his promises. “For the lord will not cast off forever, though he causes grief” (verse 31). In this hope he arose. He refused to remain down but rather to hold on to the hope that is in God. 

 The Lord is my portion says my soul therefore, I will hope in him (verse 24). For he does not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men (verse 33). It is good for man to bear the yoke in his youth (verse 27). It is in fact a privilege for God to chastise us when we are still full of life and vigour so that we may learn. When we have made the lord the portion of our inheritance on earth, we have chosen to go all the way with him. Serving him loving him and doing whatever he bids. When we go astray like in psalms 119:67, or like the Jews, then “why should a man complain for the punishment of his sins?” (verse39). God’s mercy which will not allow him leave us, will draw us back to him through various trials. This doesn’t make God a sadist, NO! It is for our own good. Jeremiah’s countenance changed when he perceived this in God’s judgement over Judah. It were best that he be afflicted in his youth so that he will learn correction and change

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“Who is he that speaks and it comes to pass when the lord has not commanded it” (verse 37). This important question is one we should always ask ourselves over every situation we find in our lives. For us to be quiet and keep silent (verse 28) in every trial and wait in patient endurance, we must resign, not to fate, but to God’s wondrous and everlasting promises. Resting in the knowledge that He may cause grief but he will also show compassion (verse 32). Despair can kill. Sorrow without hope leads to depression. As God’s children we must find our stability in God’s unchanging promises. We don’t just read his word to know it, it should form the basic foundation upon which our life is built so that no matter what comes our way we can rest on him knowing that he has our best interest at heart. God’s children cannot suffer at the hands of the devil unless God permits it. But if we repent, confess and forsake our sins God is eager to take us back.

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