DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God’s Word, Our Light and Lamp

Text: Psalms 119:97-120

“Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (verse 97). I pray that such will be our cry and desire also. It is a wondrous grace to find delight in God’s word. It’s pleasure yet untapped when our delight comes from meditating in his word all day long. How often we allow our minds to stray and roam unnecessarily, wandering aimlessly until it become consumed in wrong thoughts. God’s word makes us wiser than the ancients because it gives us the best instruction on how to stay away from evil.  It not only instructs us but also gives us the power to do what it wants. “It is  sweeter than honey to my mouth”(verse 103). Truly we can’t find anything more pleasurable for our spirit man than the word of God. 

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (verse 105). Surely, this is one of our off hand bible quotations but do we really meditate on what it means? If we allow the word of God to be our source of light and guide in this dark path of the world we are traveling, we will be safe. It illuminates our way and directs us on the right path. At every crossroad, it shines bright and gives clear guidance on the path to follow. If we neglect the word of God, then we are no Christians at all.

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“My flesh trembles for fear of you and I am afraid of your judgments” (verse 120). God delights only in the one who trembles at his word ( Isaiah 66:2). Let us all commit to God’s word as the psalmist here. Many Christians today have fallen into the error of trivializing God’s word. But God says that he exalts his word even above all his name. You can’t get close to God without getting close to his word. His word is the only revelation of him that we have. And our faith hinges on the totality of his revealed word. His revealed word is summarily encapsulated in the man Jesus. He who sees him have seen the father and he who dwells in the word dwells in Jesus (John 15:4-5). Get into the word today to see all of God’s marvelous promises, his wondrous precepts and his coming judgement. Knowing it will keep you strengthened and firm in your faith, that you may become a bulwark and not a reed shaking in the wind blown about by every wind of doctrine.

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Courtesy: Costi Hinn of Redeemer Bible Church

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