DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God’s word Fortifies Your Faith

Text: Psalms 119:73-96

God’s hands have made us. He created us and kept us by his own design, yet without the understanding to seek the knowledge of his word we may just live an empty existence here on earth. We require the kind of understanding that will instruct us to seek God, his ways and his commandments before we can really say that we’ve begun to live. All what we acquire through education, career, marriage etc always leaves us with a deep yearning for something greater. We find no real satisfaction in them until we begin to live for God. It is when we begin to live and work for God; everything we work for, our dreams, aspirations, resources are focused on propagation of God’s mandate that we actually begin to experience real life. Any life that hasn’t experienced God’s touch is still living in dire need. There is no real joy or satisfaction. The psalmist here praises the lot of those that fear God. He prays let my heart be sound in thy statutes that I may not be ashamed. When our hearts are filled up with God’s word we are not shaken by any circumstances rather we are bold as a lion. 

 From verses 81-88 he laments over the mockers. “The proud have digged pits for me, which are not after the law” “they almost consumed me; but I forsook not thy precepts” (vv 85 & 87) this is the inheritance of anyone who declares for God. Satan and his agents are out to discourage us through their plots and mockery which they carry out in so many ways. But, if we are filled to overflowing with the word of God, we shall be able to say always like Paul “none of these things move me”.

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“Forever O lord, you word is settled in heaven” (verse 89) This is our joy, and confident hope. God’s word is eternal. It is from everlasting to everlasting. It doesn’t change as the world is changing. It is fixed and constant, therefore, we can rejoice in its promises for God cannot lie. Verses 89-96 is full of encouragement for God lovers.  May we find more delight in God’s word. May we never forget to treasure his precepts for with them we are quickened and made alive. We are encouraged to continue living and working for God no matter what. The wicked can wait forever for us to fail but they will be  surely disgraced. We shall continue waxing stronger and stronger if only we can trust in the exceeding broad and precious commandments of God.

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