DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God Loves A Cheerful Giver


Text: 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

Paul didn’t want to place undue pressure on the Corinthians or persuade them unnecessarily towards giving to the brethren in Jerusalem. But, he did gently coerce them by reminding them of their willingness to give this offering a year ago (probably before the scoffers slandered Paul and his ministry) he encouraged them to know that giving shouldn’t be out of necessity, but rather out of gratitude to God who freely gave us of his grace through Jesus.

The right mindset for giving is to remember that God first gave us of himself through Jesus. Anything we may give requires that we first give him ourselves also. This simply means surrendering totally to his will. When we are first wholly yielded to Christ, giving to God’s work or his ministers out of our  resources or sharing what we have with people in need shouldn’t be a matter we may need to be reminded or persuaded about. Our nature is that of Christ who gives liberally. 

Churches through their ministers place undue pressure on the members by taxing them even above the governmental taxes. A lot of manipulations go into what we call giving. Sadly when these gifts are finally collected, church leaders see it as their own personal money. Ministers begin to covet, embezzle and fight over it and whatever work the money was purposed for is left undone. The deception continues unchecked and the  poor in the church keeps getting more impoverished. 

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Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver” ( verse 7). This is the measure of our giving. Do you feel pressured when you are giving? Do you have misgivings? Do you feel being manipulated? Then your giving is not with cheerfulness. 

Giving is the hallmark of love. God loved us and gave us his best. We also show him love by giving him of our best not with the motive to receive manifold material blessings as if we are doing trade by barter with him; rather out of appreciation for his love and in thanksgiving to what he has blessed us with. 

Do not give in to pressure of unscrupulous pastors who tell you to give so that God will bless you with another thing, NO! That is not biblical. Out of what you have, give joyfully. God who knows your pocket and appreciates your love for him as shown by your gifts will reward you abundantly the way he sees fit.

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