Text: Lamentations 5:1 -22

Today, we come to the end of this series of studies from Lamentations. This is a book we need to return to again and again so as to remind ourselves of the impending Judgement which awaits every disobedient person or community. 

Jeremiah calls on God for restoration. When we have been cut short and reduced from our high estates due to failure to keep our union with God, there is still hope if we return. We can still seek God’s face in prayer, he will surely restore us.

I love Isaiah 62: 7. It says “You who make mention of the name of the lord, do not keep silent and give him no rest till he establishes and till he makes Jerusalem a praise on the earth. This is the preoccupation of Jeremiah in this text. He takes it upon himself to stand in the gap, to pray and intercede for the entire nation. He prays day and night crying out to God for forgiveness and for restoration.

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The lord has promised that we should fear not for he is with us. He will sustain us with his righteous right hand. Our nations may be mired in dirt, filth and various ills, yet if there is a man ready to pray and confess the sins of his country in this generation, there is God in heaven to answer. May God make us great intercessors over this nation and the world at large through Christ Jesus Amen!

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