Sex! It’s everywhere. We’re bombarded with it. Everywhere you look. It’s on TV and in magazines. It’s on big screens and mobile devices. It’s in the songs we sing along to and the latest celebrity scandals. It’s used to sell everything from  body creams to deodorants. Sadly, it has become a cheap commodity and something that many struggle to understand. Ever since “the sex revolution” of the ‘60s, each new generation has tried to outdo the one before it. 

Sex is everywhere! But look where it’s got us – nowhere. The love children of the sexual revolution are broken lives and broken hearts. Then there’s HIV/AIDS: 70 million inflected mainly through casual sex. Those who misuse sex have the emotional scars to show for it – a heart torn apart by deep regret, by feelings of shame and of being used. Our culture puts too much value on sex. And the opposite is true: we don’t put enough value on it. When we don’t know its true worth and purpose, we use sex – not realizing how messed up we become in the process.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have trampled sex into the dirt. How? By having it for all the wrong reasons. Ask the one in three teens who have sex why they do it and they might say:

  • Everybody’s doing it!
  • It shows you’re a real man or woman.
  • If I get pregnant, I can just have an abortion.
  • Movies and music make sex seem cool.
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend pressured me to.
  • If you love someone, you have sex with them.

Take a closer look at this list. None of these reasons have to do with real values. They’re all a response to pressure and lies. Sex is too special to be ruined by pressure and lies. Our Creator wants us to see sex in a whole new way.

Sex and God are two words that hardly ever appear side by side, but they were never meant to be apart! God has so much to say about it on the pages of scripture, even though our churches would rather remain silent. Sex is a gift from God. A wonderful gift that we spoil by misusing it. Let’s look at how He thinks sex should be enjoyed:

That’s why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” – Genesis 2:24,25, NIV

Sex is designed to happen only between married people. Are you having challenges in this area? Then this article is for you. I invite you to watch this video. Even if you have failed. God is still here for you.

follow us on this three parts article and find help. You can also share your challenges and questions in the comment section.
PRAYER: God, help me understand Your purpose for sex. Show me what sex is for and help me to see it in a whole new way – Your way.

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The Judge

Let me see it the way you see it Lord. Amen


I genuinely love this VIDEO.


Awesome piece dear! Keep it up!

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