What is the value of Sex? 

Sex is more than body on body. It’s soul on soul, heart joining with heart. It’s a spiritual glue designed by God to bind a man and a woman together for life.

When we have sex with someone, we give a part of ourselves to them and take a part of them into ourselves. This explains why  breakup with a sexual partners can be so devastating. It also shows that the only safe place for sex is in the context of the commitment of marriage.

Sex is meant to be a celebration of life long love. Sex and sexual attraction are God’s invention. The devil could not create anything so amazing! That’s why he tries to ruin God’s good gift with shame. Sex should bring joy and peace, not fear and shame.

Sex is like a river. A river can bring life to a town, but in a flood; it destroys. A river needs strong banks if it is to bring life instead of death. Two banks that make a sexual relationship safe are friendship and commitment. Without these, passion and romance are  not enough.

Our society is being flooded because we have not saved sex for marriage. Think of the destruction around us: HIV, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, millions of abortions every year, marriages and homes torn apart by adultery – quick thrills resulting in years of pain, regret, and shame. All this devastation because we’ve believed the lie that sex isn’t worth saving.  

If you’re still a virgin you are greatly blessed. Many couples cannot stay true to their partners because they have given themselves to so many different people. In the process they have lost their identity and can’t stay connected to only one person again. They subconsciously keep looking for their lost identity in every new sex partner. Sadly, they get deeper and deeper into loosing a bit of themselves the more each time. 
Keeping yourself for your future partner is not only acting in obedience to God’s command. You also save yourself a lot of problems later in life. It helps you to have a true and perfect bond with your life partner. You are further saved the baggage of the devastating effects of lust which a majority of adults suffer all through their lives.  
Have you lost this virtue already? Not to worry. God has his own way of fixing a broken jar. He can remould you and make you whole again. Just come to him in repentance. Confess your weakness to him. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone. Invite him into your life and he will take care of the rest. 
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PRAYER: Thank You, God for designing sex. Help me to use it appropriately so that I can know the joy and peace you intended for me.
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Clara Ify

All glory to our God. Remain blessed dear.


WOW! Kudos Clara! I'm blessed by this piece.

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