How do I begin to explain your faithfulness lord? How can I quantify your matchless love? You’re beautiful in every way O God. Your faithfulness reaches to the sky. Your righteousness is a majestic mountain. You’ve given us everything we need. You’ve been extremely good to us. Kingdoms rose up against your children. Princes of darkness magnified themselves over this nation but your faithful love did not leave us unprotected. You’re great lord! Yes you are. We’ve come to give you thanks. We’ve come to adore and magnify your great name. Be thou exalted lord above all the heavens and let your glory be above the earth.

Gracious lord we are grateful. We acknowledge you for who you are. We bow and worship you Adonai. Thank you for your steadfast love that is new every morning. Thank you for your mercy that you release afresh always. Thank you for keeping us in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on you. Thank you father for keeping us stable in our faith. Thank you for all the temptations you overcame for us. The pressure to compromise is real,  father, but your mercy speaks for us. Thank you for not giving up on us when we failed and faltered. Thank you for forgiving our sins and washing us again and again in the blood. We are privileged to be the object of your love. May your holy name be exalted for ever. 

Lord we thank you for our families. For our businesses, our jobs. Thank you for opening new frontiers for us. Thank you for good health and enablement to go about all of our duties throughout this month. Thank you father for journey mercies everyday. Thank you for favours. Thank you for additions to our families through safe pregnancies and deliveries. Thank you for peace in our communities without which we may not be able to move about freely. Thank you for daily fresh supply of our bodily and spiritual needs. Thank you for growth in both areas. Thank you for our children and our grand children. 

Time will fail us to thank you for the leaders, the government, the military, the police NAD other law enforcement agencies. For our youths, our children and the aged. Thank you so much father for all you have done we cannot thank you enough. May you accept this heartfelt praise lord. We end October in praise Lord and we acknowledge you s the one who made it possible. The intention of the enemy to scatter the nation and endanger its security through anarchy, chaos, bad governance  and war was thwarted by you. We ate grateful that you let us live in our country peacefully. We know Lord that going forth you will continue to bless your children and continue to magnify your name over this nation for our sake. Thank you Elohim for we can always trust in you through Jesus our risen saviour Amen! Amen!!

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