DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: ” Your word is My only Hope”


Bible text: Psalms 119: 25-48

Verses 25-27

My soul clings to the dust revive me according to your word. 

The psalmist came clean before God. He says “my soul clings to the dust”. Indeed, my soul clings to the dust. The dust are the base things of life, the pleasures that we cherish, admire and pursue as our all in all. Day in day out, our souls cling to these things. They occupy our thoughts and drain our energies. We scheme, plan and strategize on how to get them. For some people, it is money, for some others it could be other affections. Whatever the case, the word of God calls them the “dust”. 

Dust is just what it is; a base thing with no eternal value. Whatever our fantasies and dreams may be they still remain dust and it will be foolish to trade them for the real eternal values. When we have realized that we’ve been clinging to dust, we must cry out like the psalmist; “revive me O God”. It is only God, by his spirit that can quicken us to jettison the foolish and irrelevant fantasies and  focus on him. When he revives us, he teaches us and makes us understand his precepts, then, we receive life; The real life!

In verse 28, we read;

“My soul melts from heaviness; strengthen me according to your word”. 

When our souls melt in heaviness of lack, destitution and loneliness we are left forlorn and bereft. Emotions escalate and tensions run wild. There is pressure on every side. The only meaningful concept at that time is the resolution of the issues at hand. But Jehovah God, wants us to look beyond these trials and sources of heaviness. He wants us to focus on his word and live. He wants us to look beyond the moment with eyes of faith. He wants us to see what others cannot see…so he says “strengthen me according to your word, give me understanding and I will keep your law”. 

We can only be strengthened by the word of God. Satan and his tricks listen to nothing else than God’s word. It is only God’s word that can defeat them. When you read God’s word, therefore, place a high premium on it for this is what makes you who you are in Christ. This is your winning weapon. If you really want to succeed in this journey; this is your sole confidence. It is not just your amour, it is your shield. Get into the word today. See it in a different light. Let every word, every line, every verse, speak to you. Do not just glance through and walk away. Until you’re able to understand how everything connects to God’s word and how everything is subject to it, you will remain with the beggarly spirit of bondage that Satan gives man at birth.  Glory be to God!  You have been liberated. You have been elevated, you have been set free. God’s word did it! Plunge into this word today and receive the kind of life that Jesus had already prepared for you.

PRAYER: loving father,  thank you for your word…the mighty amour that you gave us with which to navigate and win over every obstacles of life. Grant O holy father that as we make the decision today to dig deeper into your word that we shall become new people in our spirit filled with your wisdom and knowledge which elevates us above every problem and every difficulty. Remain exalted you whom it pleased yo share your nature with us. Thank you for loving us so much. In Jesus name we pray, Amen! Amen!! 

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