Text: Proverbs 9:1-18

Jesus redemptive power and Satan’s seductive evils are here personified and contrasted. From verses 1-6, it is obvious that Jesus has firmly established his house in the heavens on a firm foundation. All those who listen to him will stay and enjoy with him therein. The beast, the enemy of the souls of men he has slain. He has also prepared his table in the presence of his enemies. He sent forth his messengers to go into the world and bring people to this banquet. He calls on the simple minded sinners who do not understand what life is all about to come eat of the abundant food he provides in his flesh and in his blood. His flesh (the word of life) is real food and his blood redeems, cleanses and washes from all contamination of sin. He pleads that we forsake foolishness, go in the way of understanding and live.

Verses 7-12 depicts the character of a foolish and wicked person. When a wicked man comes; there comes also ignominy and reproach. Wherever they are there is no peace. People around them suffer from their pride and insensitivity. Trying to correct a wicked person, who thinks himself wiser than all, is like shooting oneself in the leg. He will never take the correction instead he will despise you. Satan has blinded such people never to see the truth of God’s word and change. Hence, a child of God should find courage in these verses on how to relate with such men. On the other hand, a wise man who has  embraced Christ’ wisdom is not difficult to correct. He will happily and thankfully accept correction. Jesus pleads in verse 10; the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”. This is the summary. Becoming  wise depends on what we have done with the word of God. If we accept it, we are wise; if we reject it and follow Satan we are foolish. Education, skill, knowledge, riches, etc, can never take the place of this godly wisdom. Anyone who does not fear God is simply foolish.

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Verses 13-18 shows us the adulterous and seductive ways of Satan. He courts his victims like a harlot. He entices them, offers them “stolen waters” of secret sins. The foolish ones look at his shiny offer and fall victims of the hidden poison underneath the bait. They jump into his offers of illicit sex, adulteries and formication. They embrace his suggestions of bribery, corruption, stealing, fraud, embezzlement of public funds, ritual killings, murders and occult. All these they do in secret and hope that no one ever finds out. They celebrate the successes of their evil deeds. They are proud and arrogant until the day they are caught and their evils exposed. On such days, there is no hiding place for them. Their shame and death stare them in the face.  Dear reader, where do you belong? Jesus is the eternal wisdom revealed by God. Embrace him today and live. Say NO to evil because it only leads to shame and death.  

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