DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: “Wicked Treasures or Diligent Hands”

Text: Proverbs 10:1-17

Let us start by listening to Pastor Jack on Today’s devotional.

The more prominent lessons here include the contrast between laziness and diligence. From  Verses 1-7: A wise son makes a father glad and a mother proud. A wise son does not indulge in gathering wicked treasures. Rather, he fears the lord in righteousness. 

Hence, he does not deal with a slack hand. He knows that he is not permitted to steal or indulge in any unwholesome means of getting money, so, he gathers in the summer and he never sleeps in harvest. His memory even after his death is a delight to all. The wicked in contrast, sleeps while others are working and is always thinking about “the fast way” of making it big in life. This results in engaging in all sorts of corrupt practices and demonic schemes of money and wealth acquisition.

Any believer who tries to quote scriptures to defend his laziness should think twice after reading this passage. God wants us to be diligent in our work. Work was the glory of paradise (Genesis 2:15) and even in this fallen nature it still works out the purpose of God. Whatever your hand finds to do; do it with all your might is the biblical injunction.

From verses 9-13; A righteous man walks confidently,  trusting firmly in God.  He has nothing of which to be ashamed. His lips utter only words of wisdom and he shows forth knowledge. He is not afraid for his life because he  adheres to Godly principles. The wicked on the other hand uses gestures and body language to promote wickedness. He is a tale bearer and a trouble maker. When he talks, strife and contention follow. He only knows how to do wrong,  Winking with the eyes and signaling with his hands. May God deliver us from their crooked ways.

Let us be confident of this one fact:  the lord will not allow the righteous to famish (verse 3). No matter how difficult things might be in the economy, the children of God who adhere strictly to biblical principles of wisdom in their everyday lives will never have any cause to sorrow or be in desperate want. 

Thank you father for this wondrous assurance. Give us the grace to remain diligent in our works and by so doing be a relevant example of your precepts to the world around us. Remain exalted over all our endeavours even as you prosper them in Jesus name, Amen!

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