DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Victory and Greatness Comes from God

 Bible text: 2 Samuel 22: 37-51

King David said in the words of this prayer what the new testament believer says in the words of Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. From verses 35-46, it was a recounting of God’s wondrous deeds. David knew his limits. He knew that whatever he could achieve as a soldier was all because of God. He never for once taught “my hands have achieved it” rather he attributed every praise to God. Jehovah is the one who taught his hands to do war, his hands were made even stronger than a bow of bronze because he is strengthened by the almighty God. All the waters that bellowed over him in the form of Philistine giants, Saul and his army, his own children and even his own sin, he could overcome and beat down as fine dust because the lord gave him the strength of his salvation and his gentleness made David great (verse 36)

From verses  47-51 David began to praise the lord. Everything he achieved, he attributed it to God. “The lord liveth, blessed be the rock and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation!” (Verse 47). David sure knows how to praise this God. He calls him his rock; the immovable God, strong and indefatigable. God doesn’t bulge at circumstances but remains resolute in power, wisdom and strength. We can confidently trust him to give us victory for he knows the end of a matter from its beginning…his mercy will continually speak on the behalf of his children

The salvation we have received from God through Jesus is our banner and a sure rock. When we come to Christ our story must change. We are no longer ordinary men. Things that overwhelm the world do not perturb us. Grace makes us indestructible when we constantly walk in the light of God’s word. This is what gets the world confused about the real children of God. They see them pass through a lot of trying times, yet they are not perplexed nor consumed. This is because our strength is not our own but from the one who has given us of his nature. Even though we remain in the flesh, we have the divine spirit indwelling us. By his holy spirit we are made over comers. Such was the confidence of David..this was his joy and what informed his gratitude. In his lifetime he witnessed many distressing and challenging situations too numerous for one man, yet  he overcame and remain the established king even after many tried to usurp the kingdom. We should learn from him to always give thanks for deliverance  and victories we’ve received and never make the mistake of thinking that our strength or smartness or hardworking achieved it.

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