Daily Guide Devotional: “The Spirit of the Lord Spoke by Me!”

Bible text: 2 Samuel 23:1-7


David, the man after God’s own heart, is nearing the end of his lifetime and so begins to reflect over his life. In the brief psalm in this text, he tries in few words to summarize his relationship with God. He began by reminiscing on his humble beginnings “David the son of Jesse” (verse 1). He wasn’t of any glorious pedigree. His father wasn’t of any affluent or prominent background in Israel, he was rather an ordinary farmer, yet, God found his youngest son, David, delightful and “raised him up on high” (verse 1). May we always be reminded not to limit God in his dealings with our lives. If God delights in you because of the purity of your heart, he can elevate you beyond what your mind can ever conceive. He needs no protocol to bless whom he would bless.

In verse 2-3, David did not just have a vague or ambiguous relationship with God. He knew his God. He knew also what God has done in his life. He knew his gifts and was never slack in using them. As we study the Psalms, We see first hand that God indeed, spoke by him. He made his tongue like the pen of a ready writer. Words of praise and prayer were never lacking.  Through him many prophecies about Jesus were given. He really had quality time of fellowship with God. 

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In verse 4 he reflects on the  beauty of leading right. Leadership that pleases God must pursue justice in the fear of God. The ruler must be above board; a shinning example like the sun that rises in the morning, dispelling darkness. In Verse 5, we can appreciate the humility of David. He confessed his sins and acknowledged his failures saying: “Although my house be not so with God”. We do not need to hide our sins and unfaithfulness. If we are pure in heart, we are still not perfect. We may still fall below God’s expectation. But if we are truthful and open to him about our situation, he will heal us, restore us to himself and also use those bad experiences for his own good in our Lives. 

Despite his failures, God did not take away the promise of everlasting dynasty of David’s lineage which he made him. Thus, David recognised that every blessing or praise he ever received was due to God’s faithfulness and mercy and not because he was so holy and  righteous without spot. When we stand in this confidence, we can be rest assured that all the sons of rebellion (verse 6-7) troubling us will receive their due recompense from God. 

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