When I look at the night sky as it gladly runs its course to meet the day, there’s an inexpressible joy in my spirit. I bask in the euphoria of the thought that God has got everything well structured for me to be comfortable. 

While bathing my little girl, who turned 7 recently, she said to me “mum, why did God create us?” And my first response to her was “isn’t it great that you’re alive? That you’re enjoying yourself with your family and having a great time? “It is” she replied. “But why did he create us? She persisted. Then I explained; “GOD created us to know him, to love him, to serve him and to be with him. He wants to share his world with us because he loves us so much just the same way daddy loves you”.

God has given us more than enough of everything we need. He made a perfect world and put the best things in there to make sure that we are comfortable. He gave us a good ecosystem to sustain life, then he provided food in different forms for us to enjoy. Most important, he called us his own. He was ready to share himself and everything he has with us. Even when sin entered and spoiled things, he still took the initiative to bring everything back to the way he intended it to be. Anyone who accepts JESUS the perfect son of God has the hope of living, not just eternally, but even the rest of their lives here on earth, enjoying the beautiful provision that God makes for his children everyday. 

As we join Lauren in this song “YOU GIVE ME EVERYTHING I NEED” I pray that you see with the eyes of faith that there is nothing you need that God cannot provide. 

Sing Along with LAUREN DAIGLE in this video

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Clara Ify


The Judge

Yes lord 🙌 u give me everything…even more than I could ask for. Thank you Lord.

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