DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL:Nothing Done for Jesus Will go Unrewarded


Text: 2 Samuel 19:31-43

David’s friend Barziliai is the next character in this series. His actions received attention from verses 31-40. This shows us how grateful David was for the good hand of fellowship he received from him. Barziliai was a trustworthy friend;  a friend in need and a friend indeed. The friend that sticks closer than a brother. He had accompanied king David on his day of adversity and out of his substance provided for him. The king in verse 33 invited him to go and live in Jerusalem so that he can repay his kind gesture but Barziliai would not hear of it. He politely declined the offer citing his age and consequent inadequacies but would rather have his son Chimham  go with the king to serve him and receive any favours due to him. His example shows us that nothing good done for God is ever lost. He served the king with his substance without expecting anything in return so also should we be self sacrificial, giving out of our substance to the work of God and equipping of the saints without expecting any accolades.

The dispute between the men of Judah and The rest tribe of Israel is typical of our political thuggery and dissension. Fighting over who had more right on the king or who initiated his home coming is all a  facade. These were men who threw away the king and gave their support to his rebellious son without thinking twice, now they want to claim allegiance or show fake support by fighting and falling over themselves. Leaders everywhere need to be wise and discerning.  Even the men of Judah were the last to make efforts to bring the King back after much persuasion from him (verses 11-12) but today their voices prevailed (verse 43)

So, we can see the difference between the man Barziliai and these kinsmen of David. The one whose kindness is from his heart rejected even the offer of reward while the kinsmen are pointing out that they haven’t even benefitted from David’s wealth (verse 42). We must examine our motives for working for God or spending for others. Most of the time we hear this expression “after everything I have done for him/her…” Expectations bring about disappointment. When we give, we should do so freely without any strings attached so that we look upon God alone for a reward of our good works and not upon any man. 

PRAYER: Father for the grace to serve you from the bottom of our hearts. To give you our best anywhere and at every time without counting the cost and  pinning for a reward, we pray. Grant us the enablement to look beyond now and see what a beautiful reward you have for those who work for you in hope. Be thou exalted for another opportunity to be in your presence. In Jesus name, Amen!

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