DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Women, Great Repository of Wisdom


Text: 2 Samuel 20: 14-26

Amasa had died and Joab takes back his position as the commander of David’s army. In all his ruthlessness, one thing is clear, Joab is an “excellent military personnel” the soldiers will always trust the one who takes them out to war and bring them back safely. So, they rallied round him immediately and gave him their support. He went through all the tribes of Israel and they were gathered together and went after him (verse 15) 

Sheba the rebel had taken refuge in the fortified city of Abel, Bethmaacha. One man’s sin can bring a lot of calamity to the congregation. For Sheba’s rebellion and consequent hiding in a city, the city was going to be overthrown.  Joab (in verse 16) laid siege by casting up bank against the city. The city stood in the trench, then the army began to batter the wall to throw it down. 

A wise woman spoke up and saved the entire innocent population. We must not be part of  the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them (Ephesians 5:11). This woman could have kept quiet and nothing will happen. She took courage as a mother and by her action  preserved the posterity of an ancient city of Israel. 

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In our churches, what is our major concern when a discord or crisis arise. Do we join camps of diverse interests or stand for God? Everything we do as God’s children must find its root in the bible. Jesus said, those who listen to my words and obey them are my brothers and sisters and mother (Luke 8:21). We must fight the good fight of faith and stand for God no matter the relationship between us and the persons involve in a rivalry.

God is not interested in the death of any man. He wishes that we repent and have life. When evil lurks in the heart, we must say no to it for the preservation of our heads. If we yield to sin and conceal it in our hearts, judgement must demand for the soul and clamour for the head. Sheba has hidden in a fortified city, yet his sin must have his head. His concealment not withstanding.

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In verse 22, “the woman went unto all the people in her wisdom and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bichri and cast it out to Joab, and Joab blew a trumpet and they retired from the city, every man to his tent”. Our homes and churches need more mothers in Israel. Where are you as a woman, your gender should not limit you. 

Use whatever position you occupy as a wife, mother, sister, daughter in law, school head, political appointee etc to save souls. We must take responsibility to travail in prayers and preaching God’s kingdom message for deliverance of souls through any office we may occupy. Women played very important roles in the ministry of Jesus…we must continue where they stopped in our own generation.

 Consider verse 23, Joab has again used the victory won in this civil war to win himself the position of the Commander of the army. As much as David wishes to have him replaced, Joab seems to always have his way at the end. His victory does not in any way exonerate him from the judgement due to his disobedience and  murderous nature. It must be noted that bible characters are to be examined in God’s word. Their good deeds to be emulated and wrongs to be seen as examples to avoid. 

PRAYER: Father, we thank you for the gift of our lives even today. Grant us the grace to be wise and decisive at all times. Fill us with the wisdom that comes from your word that we may have the boldness and courage to stand up for Jesus wherever issues of conflict  may arise. This we ask through your loving son Jesus, Amen!

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