DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Warning Against False Teachings


Text: 1Timothy 4:1-16


Verse 1: now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of the devils.

This is a verse most of us are very conversant with, but have we really taken time to analyse it and see what implication it has on the church and the world at large, today? This definitely is that later time being talked about by the holy spirit. This is that time he expressly spoke about without mincing words. He did warn, even from the very beginning that these things will happen so that the true believer would beware. 

Beloved, the question here is; have you already fallen a victim of this false teachers? Have you been bewitched by seducing spirits and their evil doctrines? Have you accepted an error or a set of errors to be true? So many wrong teachings are going on now even in the “hitherto” bible believing churches. These seducing spirits have removed the bible and placed motivational books on our pulpits. 

Does it not bring tears to your eyes that occultist, witches, wizards, prostitutes, fraudsters, gangsters, drug addicts, the sexually perverse are all attending our churches and sitting comfortably without any change of heart for many years? Does it not worry you that ill gotten wealth is being celebrated, accepted and used by leaders in God’s churches without any questions? That our ladies now dress like harlots to God’s church and even church leaders turn blind eyes to this is so heart breaking. The world has become the norm for the christian man and woman all because of wrong doctrines and false  teachers. Today, the world is changing the church instead of the church changing the world.

Paul warns Timothy in verse 12 to give no man any chance to despise his youthfulness but rather he should be an example of a true believer in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.  Yes! That is the command young man; young woman! It is not when you are old that you’ll contend for the gospel you received that set you free from the power of darkness…it is now when every faculty in you is functioning properly. 

What will you add to the common faith we’ve received at this time as your own contribution. What will the angels reckon to your account. Serving God is a serious 24/7 business, it doesn’t permit holidays. “Go forth!” Jesus said.  Now is the time to challenge the false teachers and stop them with the truth.  But,  you cannot confront lies with truth unless you know what the truth is and can confidently prove it to your adversary.  All glory to God, his truth is not hidden, it is recorded in the volume of the books which is the bible. Get into the word of God. Plunge deeper in praying and fasting. Bring God’s face down to yourself so that he will equip you. 

May you receive fire in your spirit and in your bones by the virtue of this word so that you will not  rest until you have stepped into the purpose of God’s divine will for your life in Jesus name. Amen!

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