DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Wanted Fearless Counsellors


Text: 2 Samuel 19:1-15

The loyal servants of David were victorious over Absalom and the armies supporting him in the preceding civil war that ensued in chapter 18.  But, here in Chapter 19:4, however, “the king  covered his face and wept with a loud voice O my son Absalom, O Absalom my son, my son!” This would be the third child David had lost. He mourned and grieved over the child Uriah’s wife bore him. Then he lost Amnon his first child in the hands of Absalom and now its Absalom, The rebellious son.  His grief as a father is justified. That we are Christians does not rule out the fact that we are humans and also have feelings. The death of a child is one of  the most traumatic events in the life of any parent because it leaves a parent blaming themselves for the death of that child. So they are overcome with grief, pity and a feeling of guilt. 

Nevertheless as believers we are not expected to mourn like unbelievers who have no hope. We are people of faith. We walk by faith and not by sight. We must not allow our grief take the helm of affairs. We mustn’t allow grief overcome our sense of direction and judgement. In our sorrow we must look up and remember that God knows about our sorrow and permitted it for a reason. The point is; even in our grief we must find a reason to be grateful to God. This is where David failed. He was disproportionate and selfish in grieving excessively for his son Absalom. He forgot the loyalty of Joab and the rest of the army in risking their own lives. He forgot the sacrifice of the 20,000 other souls who perished in the battle alongside Absalom. Most importantly, he forgot about God’s mighty deliverance. Joab’s decisive and straight forward caution is highly commendable. He made David realise his mistake and got him to do the right thing.

From verse 9-15 the return and reinstatement of king David is discussed. We must observe David’s peaceful steps. He is king, he had been king, yet, he wouldn’t force himself on the people. He sought for unanimity amongst them. He sought for their freedom of choice. He wouldn’t impose himself upon them. He extended a hand of reconciliation. He didn’t go about targeting one person or witch hunting another. He accepted everything that has happened in good faith and waited upon the lord for full restoration. Likewise, Jesus is the reigning king of kings and lord of all, yet he waits for every soul to come to him willingly. He does not force his lordship over us. But he still stands at the door of every heart knocking, he promised that if you will open up he will come in and sup with you. (Revelations 3:20) Will you welcome him today?

PRAYER; Father, we thank you for yet another soul lifting bible Reading this morning. May you grant all that are sorrowing and in grief, especially over the loss of their children, the grace to overcome. May you comfort them with your own comfort and grant that they open up their hearts to receive the consolation that Jesus brings. Thank you again for hearing us, in Jesus name we’ve prayed, Amen.

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He is King…and He won't force anyone to accept Him. 🙌🙌

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