Text: 2 Samuel 19: 16- 30

So, the king returned, and came to Jordan. And Judah came to Gilgal, to go to meet the king, to conduct the king over Jordan and Shimei the son of Gera, a Benjamite…hasted and came down with the men of Judah to meet king David” ( 2 Samuel 19: 15-16 )

David’s victory turned even his enemies to  him again. The people who rejected him and accepted Rebellious Absalom as king now seek his return. He left Jerusalem as a fugitive but today he returns in Majesty as the reigning king. It was a joyous occasion. His people unanimously welcomed him as one man. David was wise to seek for their trust and unity in bringing him back. This way, his lordship and glory as king is not disputed. Everyone left the comfort of their homes and the business of the day to go and pay homage to the king. They even had to go as far as the border town Gilgal to accompany him with fanfare into Jerusalem as he crossed the Jordan.

The most interesting part is what Shimei did. He had cursed  king David on the day he was fleeing Jerusalem, abused him and cast stones at him. Today, he returns in penitence. In verse 19, he humbly owned up to his sins  and asked for forgiveness. Note that he did not come alone, he became king David’s spokesman among the Benjamites;  he swayed the hearts of a thousand of his tribesmen and they came to welcome David.  In verse 23, “the king said unto Shimei, thou shall not die”. This was against Abishai’s demand to have him put to death.  Shimei was granted forgiveness; (although as we shall see later, it was just for a moment)  David was slandered, abused, misrepresented almost all his life, yet he remained peaceful. Even though he would later take revenge on Shimei, peace was Paramount in his heart than exercising his right as king.

Next was the account of Ziba and Mephiboshet. Ziba took advantage of David’s calamity and his fake show of loyalty to get back the wealth of Saul’s house he had been enjoying before David returned them to rightful owner Mephiboshet. He maligned Mephiboshet in the sight of David and now the truth of what happened is before David. Yet Mephiboshet was not keen on getting property back. He was more satisfied to see his king reinstated. He had mourned for the King’s return, refuse to even bathe…yet he forfeited his rights and is content with seeing his king. 

This lesson is synonymous of Jesus second appearing. Even those that rejected him will see him. They will have no option than to welcome him as the king of kings and lord of all.  As many as would recognise their shortcomings and seek for reinstatement through penitences will be forgiven and accepted. And for his beloved children, their joy will know no bounds at his appearing. Just like Mephiboshet, they will be more concerned about seeing Jesus than they would be interested in receiving any accolades, wealth and earthly gifts. 

PRAYER: Father we thank you again this morning for your faithful love with which you love the world you created. Jesus came and was humiliated, scorned and rejected by his kinsmen. But you have promised that when he comes again all eyes will see him and behold him whom they have pierced. Grant O lord that all Shimeis who have abused and repudiated the authority and lordship of Jesus will repent and come meet him at this Gilgal where the reproach of their sin will be rolled away. Glory to your name for answering us in Jesus name, Amen!

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David is really a good king

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