DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Relationships and Mutual care in the Church


Text: 1Timothy 5:1-16

One interesting point in the bible reading of today is the care and attention God pays to our relationships at home and in the church. It is obvious that he wants our mutual coexistence. He advocates respect, purity and love in all our dealings. 

The elderly should be corrected in love by the younger believer or pastor in charge (who obviously must be more mature in faith) Even when they are wrong, we must not throw caution to the wind while admonishing or disciplining them. Bible demands that we must stand before the gray haired. This means that their old age must be respected. However, This does not mean hiding or condoning their wrong doing but correction in humility and love not shouting and harsh rebuking or condemnation for a soft answer will turn away wrath. 

Pastors are to treat the young men as brothers and the young women as sisters with all purity. Many pastors usually get entangled sexually with young ladies in their churches because this verse is not put into practice. If we could prayerfully receive grace to see our brethren fro who they really are; sisters and brothers, then the question of immorality cannot come up because only the perverse engage immorally with their siblings.

Verses 4-16 discussed the issues of the widows extensively. God is interested in them. And God is wise. To avoid idleness, burning with  desire, lack of care, he entreats the younger widow to remarry, this is not a sin. But Many young widows usually find it hard to do this because of children in their first marriage. Some become widowed when their children are still young and for the love and care of such children, they refuse to remarry. Such mothers who keep themselves pure, also deserves the support and prayers of the church. Many such widows pass through hell in the hands of family members and unbelievers.

Charity must begin at home. Whether your family members are believers or not, your responsibility is first and foremost to them. As a believer, you cannot deny those dependant on you for the excuse that they have not repented. Fathers and mothers must do their best at working hard to provide for their children and not the other way round. Many parents by failing in their duties have pushed their children into the world to find money by all means. Widows in such homes are our responsibilities. At least in Africa we still embrace this culture of caring for our elderly instead of sensing them to old people’s home which is quiet commendable. We must do this with joy and a sense of responsibility towards God who commanded it.

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