DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Passion For God’s Kingdom and Glory


Text: Psalms 132

Psalms 132 is one of the psalms from 120 to 134 titled  song of ascents.. They were recognised as psalms used by the pilgrims as they journeyed to the temple for worship. It began by reminding God about the faithfulness of David and his heart of devotion towards God (vv2-5). David wouldn’t go into his own palace and rest while God’s ark of covenant was lying desolate in the woods. He expressed his heart’s desire to build a place of rest for God’s tangible evidence amongst his people (the ark). This singular devotion so expressed made God to also declare an everlasting covenant with David. From his lineage the king of kings and the lord of lord, once and future king JESUS was going to come forth. Even though David’s earthly successors would repudiate this offer by being disobedient to God; God is set to establish the root and offspring of Jesse upon his throne forever (v11)  This has been actualized in Jesus and its final accomplishment is the blessed and earnest hope of all the saints.

In David’s many afflictions (v1) we could picture Jesus troubles. He was denounced and rejected by his own people as David was. He suffered humiliation, was on the run for his life, he was falsely accused, his life was threatened many times and he eventually died for false accusation by people he loved and came to save. In the midst of it all, Jesus was not deterred, just as David wasn’t. It cannot be overemphasized that suffering for the cause we believe in is part of our heritage and calling. Our eyes must remain focused on the goal. Until we reach home, we must never end the journey half way. Denouncing the faith due to challenges or conforming to worldly patterns simply shows our immaturity and lack of understanding of the faith we’ve professed.

The passion for God’s house consumed David and he vowed not to enter his house and rest (verse 2). How concerned are we over the Lord’s primary intention for the whole world? His will and commission to us is that this message about God’s coming kingdom must be preached in every part of the earth (Mark 16:15) before he will come again. He demands that we should go and make disciples of all nations. No matter what we do as servants of God we must not neglect this BASIC command for the expansion and actualisation of God’s kingdom over the earth. It must be the very focus of our lives in every thing we do. Both in our jobs, in family life in relationships, we must always seek to establish the glory of God among men and women in our sphere as is fitting to righteous saints. We don’t need to become priests and evangelists before we can do this. The assignment is for anyone who has given his life to Christ.

PRAYER: Father we thank you for counting us worthy to be part of your kingdom, grant that we to whom the message of the cross has been preached will not go home and rest until we see your desire fulfilled upon the earth. Thank you Jesus for setting the pace. Amen.

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