Bible Text: 2 Samuel 21:15 – 22

Yet again, God blessed David. He promised in Isaiah 46:4 ” And even to your old age I am He”. The lord carried David on his wings all through the years of his life. He’s been through a lot, but in all,  Yahweh’s power was made more evident upon his life. These verses record the wars that were fought yet by the Philistines. It begins with ” Moreover the Philistines had yet war again with Israel…” Our enemy never rests. No matter how many times they are defeated, Satan and his host of demons will never stop attacking the children of God. This is because Satan knows “what is written”. He knows that the book of Ezekiel says that if a man who had been righteous should forsake his righteousness and begin to live a sinful life, then all of his righteousness will be forgotten. So, he keeps firing his arrows at us not aimlessly, but pointedly, decisively and determinedly to destroy us. We must bear this in mind always and be watchful, that we may not loose out in the end.

Consider verse 16 “and Ishbibenob,which  was of the sons of the giants …thought to have David slain”. Did you see that? His single aim of coming into the combat was David. His primary assignment was to have him killed. O! Holy father, may all agents of darkness who have received a mandate from any quarters to terminate our lives, physical or spiritual, receive your judgement in Jesus name, Amen! But verse 17 brings victory, Alleluia!!. “But Abishai, the son of Zeruiah succoured him and smote the Philistine and killed him”.  May God never leave us unprotected. Father even when we are weak and faint in our spirit, please send us help. Send your angels in the form of humans, from our families, churches, everywhere to be our helpers in Jesus name! As you helped David Lord, help us always. May we never lack helpers.

As we continue through this journey of faith from the day we said yes to Christ until he takes us home, the giants will always be on our way to hinder us. The sons of Anak who lived in the heavenlies, saw the beauty of it, but yet refuse to remain obedient and were forever cast away;  the demons; they will not allow us to have an easy sail. Just as the sons of the giants, the original inhabitants of Cannan were bent on destroying the Princes of Israel but God, our God has assured us that victory is sure. If we remain with him on the side of righteousness. And this righteousness is  Jesus. He has conquered and he goes forth conquering. As long as we’re with him, we have nothing to fear.

PRAYER: for your mercy that keeps us protected father we say thank you. For keeping David even at old age and making him yet prosperous we worship you. And we pray, O father, as we journey along, may our lights never ever be quenched.  Carry us Lord even to hoar hairs and continue to deliver us as you promised. Be with us on the right hand and on the left, wherever we go, that the evil darts of the sons of Anak will never pierce us. This we ask in Jesus powerful name Amen!

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