Text: Psamls 134:1-3

Come bless the lord!

O ye servants of God

Who stand by night

In the house of the lord

Lift up your hands 

In the holy place

And bless the lord

And bless the lord 

And bless the lord

(A song)

This is the last of the fifteen Psalms (from 120-134) described as song of the ascent. The  psalm is so descriptive of what we go to the house of God to do. It is one of the songs the pilgrims visiting the temple for worship sing as they go. There is no sight as pleasing as when we lift up holy hands in worship and adoration to God. It is a worthy situation that balances the universal equilibrium. Man and his God communicating on a deeper level. The psalmist calls on servants of God who stand by night in the house of God, to lift up their hands in the sanctuary and bless the lord.(verses1-2) 

The night time is literally and figuratively a time of darkness. A time of soberness. A time when men come forth for who they really are because no one is watching. For evil doers, it is a time to attend to their evil plots and perpetuate it, then it begin to manifest as day breaks. For the hypocrite it’s also time to engage in all sorts of evil when no one is watching and thereafter appear as holy in the morning to the people he is deceiving. But the night time for the true believer is the time of sweet communion with his God. It is a time of  uncertainties so as a responsible house owner he keeps watch. He offers serious prayers and intense groaning over any issues that needs God’s attention. 

This is one of the reasons a young convert is first thought about how to conduct his prayers and quiet time to build a strong devotional life from the beginning.  Believers do not joke with their midnight prayers. It is a time when battles are fought and won in the spiritual realm. It is a great moment of spiritual breakthrough so lifting up holy hands to the lord is a must for every believer at this time. It is a time when the bond between us and God is made stronger. If as a believer you have been joking with your midnight prayers please change pattern now. You are missing a lot

And then in verse 3 “the lord that made heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion” when we praise and worship God wholeheartedly and with holy hands lifted up, the result is blessings from the lord. He does not fail to decorate us  with both physical and spiritual blessings. Nothing moves our God like praises because it shows how we repose our faith in him and trust him in every situation

PRAYER: Father, praising you is such a wonderful thing but we are often weighed down with our many worries and cease to remember the power in praise. May you give us the grace from today to learn to lift up holy hands everywhere and at every time to give you praise. Remain forever exalted over us in Jesus name, Amen!


Consider the Steadfast Love of the Lord 


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Faith ojone adama

I love praises

Clara Ify

God bless you more my brother. It is often said, "when prayers fail, try praises". It is usually difficult for us especially when we are passing through difficulties but if we can praise him as we should, by lifting up holy hands, wondrous testimonies always abound.

Chukwu Godwin c.

Yes, praising God can move mountains…..I have been in a situation where by prsypra seems not to be working but the way I wished…but as soon as I tried a full day praise and worship my problems left me😊…. thanks for sharing this✊

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