Today’s Verse for Meditation and Memorization is Isaiah 54:10 

for the mountains  shall depart and the hills be removed , but my kindness shall not depart from  you nor my covenant of  peace removed. (NKJV)

This exile  is just like the days of Noah for me,  I promised  then that the waters of Noah would never again flood the earth, I’m promising  now,  no more anger,  no more dressing you down.  For even if the mountains  walk away and the hills fall to pieces,  my love won’t  walk away from you my covenant  commitment  of peace won’t fall apart.  The God who has compassion  on you says so. (MSG) 

Thoughts on today’s Verse

It’s exciting to know that  God himself is promising that he will never, ever, walk away from his chosen one Israel. No matter their failings and shortcomings God’s promise Is “I will never leave”.  He is an ever present God. Jesus is our Immanuel: God with us.  Whatever our situation, the everywhere  present God will  never leave nor forsake us!  Let this truth console your heart and soul and encourage you in your difficulties. We can be certain that the whole world may Forsake  us but God, will never depart. Find peace in this consolation  for his word is yes and Amen! 

PRAYER: Thank you dear father for your faithful  love.  It is me who needs this constant reminder that you will never leave.  Help my little faith to embrace your love which is beyond human comprehension.  Thank you for always being here.  Amen!  

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