When marriage gets messy, the question is real and sobering. Though the promise you’ve made is…till death do us part. Letting go seems like such an easier option. What choice will you make when it comes to your marriage?

Whenever a man and a woman stand before a clergyman to be united in holy matrimony, they usually have one plan at the back of their minds; to stay together for the rest of their lives. 
The day I married my husband, I made some remarkable promises. He became my lawful wedded husband from that day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to love and cherish, till death do us part. 
Since then, I’ve realized that marriage is beautiful and challenging, sometimes maddening. It is glorious, sweet, comforting, yet confusing, frustrating and irritating. But behind all these fluctuations, the promises stand because we made them before God, our parents, our families and friends. Heavens and the earth bore witness and God who knows that true love can only be fully experienced in marriage designed it to be a permanent programme.
In fact, marriage is the kind of relationship that God offers us. From Deuteronomy to Hebrews God tells his people, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Joshua 1:5) God loves without leaving and so should we. When Jesus was questioned about the permanence of marriage and the permission for divorce, he answered, so they are no longer two but one flesh, therefore, what God has joined together let no man separate (Mark 10:8-9) “one-plus-one-equals-one” only God can do that. 
Jesus is crystal clear. Marriage is for life, but in our imperfect broken world, that dream is way harder than it sounds. Some days it seems easier to quit.  Separation and divorce, however, are not God’s desire for us. This is why it’s very important  to take careful steps to Choose our life partners God’s way
May God grant all who are passing through a difficult time in their marriage the grace to stay committed to their marital vows. And let this verse always bring a joyful reassurance to you:

Love bears all things , believes all things, endures all things… Love never fails 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

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