Text: Acts 8:26-40 

Today’s reading  highlights the art of bible meditation and its place in the life of a believer. The Ethiopian Eunuch, as highly placed as he was, possibly with the best education of his time, was going home from his pilgrimage and as he meditates on a certain portion of the scriptures could not understand it. He needed help. How many times o we as believers read, meditate and memorize the scriptures these days. This is a hungry soul, ready to be fed. He wants to understand better but alas, all his political knowledge has not equipped him to understand the scriptures. Why is that so? Its because,  Jesus said “the word that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life” and “spiritual things are spiritually discerned”. This is the reason the word must be preached. Millions of people have embraced Christianity, (just as this African eunuch embraced Judaism) but, they are still confused and uninformed about a lot of things in the faith. This is where the ministries of the evangelist and the teacher are called to work.

Philip, the evangelist was ready. ” where He leads, I’ll follow” was his song. As soon as the master called he answered…Oh! May God find me ready like Philip. Philip did not shuffle his legs, he did not hesitate, he responded immediately the transmission came. From wherever he was preaching and ministering at the moment, he left the place and ran to catch up with a man travelling in his “Limousine”. A man he’s never met before. And see the arrangement of the holy spirit; He had already prepared the man and even brought him to the very passage that is needed for his conversion. Now his need met with a solution in the person of Philip and the rest was history. The passage was explained and he got baptised.  Our God is an “arrangee” God. He works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Philip finished his assignment and immediately was taken away to another place where his presence was needed. He did not wait to receive offering nor collect tithe from this great man. His job is done here so, off he goes and continues to preach in the villages round about. Yielded ness to the holy spirit is the sure way to go in this journey of faith. In whatever area you are called, find the voice that you and the holy spirit share, understand how he ministers to you and always adhere when he speaks. You don’t go about borrowing methods from one man of God to another. Your own gift is unique and God is working with it in his own way.  “Where he leads, may I follow everyday, Amen!

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