DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: The temple of the Lord

Focus Text:

1Kings 5:1-6:8
The passage highlights the preparations made by king Solomon for the building of the temple. The carefulness and attention to details shows the respect and yieldedness on Solomon’s part to do God’s will.
He placed a high premium on the work to be done. He sought the best material as he considered it an honour  to build a house for God. There was unfeigned joy in his heart at this job, therefore, He explored every resource, available, to get things done perfectly.
This is a challenge to us. How excited are we about doing the lord’s duties? Do we do it grudgingly, out of necessity  or with many persuasions? Do we check  and crosscheck what others have done before we determine what to do? God is so generous. He gave us his best. His only begotten son paid with his blood for our redemption. We must embrace everything and anything that concerns God with maximum enthusiasm.
Another important point is found in verses 5:15-17 and 6:8….” And the king commanded them to quarry the stones, for the foundation of the temple and these stones were prepared in the mountains….and the temple when it was being built was built with Stone finished at the quarry…”We also like precious stones are being built up into the temple of God. We must submit to God’s handling in the mountains and in our wilderness experiences. Only prepared men are suitable for the building of the spiritual temple. We always have a lot of noise in the church when men who jumped out of the quarry are seen at the helm of affairs.
Father, help us to submit to your will. Make us prepared instruments fit for your use. Give us grace to stay in your quivers until we are ready. Thank you for considering us useful vessels.  May we like Solomon not fail to use the most precious material in building your kingdom Amen!
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