DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Remember God’s Goodness

Text: Psalms 106: 24-48

The Psalm goes further to reveal Israel’s romance and slavery with sin. They were like people who couldn’t get enough of misbehaviour. Everything they were commanded not to do was what they found pleasurable. They sacrificed their children to idol gods, burnt offerings to it, ate and danced in their funerals, eating foods in honour of pagan gods amidst their dead. They married the daughters of the heathen and laid a snare for their souls. What manner of people were the Israelites? Quiet terrible and hard hearted! They forgot all about God’s goodness and wonderful dealings with them.

Even Moses the man of God who always intervened and interceded got exasperated and was caught up in their whims. He lost his cool and made a mistake which cost him his glorification. Yet God in his goodness and mercy did not reject Israel forever. He went after them, restoring them each time and bringing them home when they are exiled.

God is merciful. Gracious and good but he doesn’t want us taking those attributes for granted. He doesn’t want us misusing the grace poured out on us freely. It cost him Jesus, his only begotten of all eternity to pay the debts of the power of sin and its attendant effects over us. What else will he do for us? It is to our advantage to remember God’s mercies not because God has forgotten but because we sometimes, forget. When we place his wondrous goodness at the forefront of our eyes we cannot easily forget him.

Let us examine our lives today in the light of this reading. Where have we missed it? Where are we being obstinate with God and his instructions. We cannot claim allegiance to God yet live our lives outside his precepts. It simply means that we are two faced. No one mocks God and goes free. God has given us everything we need for godliness. Let’s embrace his goodness and mercy today and offer him our unalloyed loyalty.

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Loud it!!!! Thanks for always reminding us of God's goodness


Our God is really merciful

Clara Ify

Bless you bro


Thanks for sharing…

Clara Ify

God bless you


Powerful TRUTH.

Thank you for sharing 🙏

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