DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: Let your heart Be Wholly True To The Lord

Text: 1Kings 8:54-66

King Solomon made an end of praying and arose to bless the people of the God. This is the duty of leaders in God’s communities. He has given you a mandate to bless in any leadership position you occupy. Do not neglect it. God offers his presence to any upright leader and activates every blessing released from a pure heart in his name. In Numbers 6:22-27,  he told Moses to tell Aaron, the priest, “so shall you bless the children of Israel saying…” When these blessings are being released, let us not call them bluff or see it as part of the rituals of worship  but rather, receive them by faith with an humble and willing heart. It is God who mandates leaders to bless his people it is not arbitrary. See also:That all may know him

From verse 61, he begins to admonish the people of God…” Let your heart, therefore be perfect with the lord our God, to walk in his statute and to keep his commandments as at this day”. Pastors and elders of the church must never get tired of urging God’s people to keep to the ways of the lord and adhere to his precepts. This is why he set us up as a family to be a support system for all believers. We must never fail in this single duty as a church. Sometimes, certain church gatherings are so filled with various kinds of  money raising activities, grandiose displays of choir renditions and pastors’ acrobatics displays that hardly add anything to the spiritual uplifting of worshippers. Many worshippers go home famished in the spirit. All true worshippers and even sinners go to church to hear the word of God. There is a yearning and a deep yawning in the hearts that seek to be filled, some come with guilt over sins they wish to repent of, but when the church service leaves its duty and becomes something else worshippers go home and continue to live in sin.

Finally, Solomon sacrificed uncountable number of oxen, sheep. We must have an open heart to give back to God, in whatever form we can from the much he has blessed us with. It starts with having a thankful heart. When we love and  appreciate someone, we find it easy to give, even from our meagre resources. Always remember that love expresses itself most in giving. God gave Jesus because of his love.  The people afterwards blessed the king in return and returned home joyful and glad, thanking God for all the goodness he’s done for his servant David and all Israel. Note that the eight day long feast did not just end in the temple, people went home with joy, thus proclaiming the name of the lord unto all and sundry and setting themselves apart for the lord. Let this mind also be in us in all our Christian celebrations. May it always be a time of sharing God’s marvelous goodness with the world around us. Amen.

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