Text: Acts 7:17-29

Verses 17-20 “but when the time of the promise Drew near which God had sworn to Abraham…at this time Moses was born…” 

Moses the man of God was born at a crucial time and for a crucial purpose. He was neither the first child of his parents, nor the second, yet on him was God’s interest right from birth. His path was already determined. Thankfully, his mother got the inspiration to know that the child was not ordinary. In the midst of oppression against all the babies of his age, he had the privilege to live and thrive in the oppressor’s household. He lived a royal life and received the best education worthy of the king’s sons. 

Our God is God. He works in mysterious ways his winders to perform.  When Pharaoh thought he had everything under control, he never knew that his resources were being expended on the one who would become a vanguard  to champion the cause of Israel’s deliverance. Our children and all youths must be taught that their talents, education and skills are first and foremost given to them for the furtherance of the kingdom before anything else.

Testing and trying times are moments that weigh every believer down and oftentimes stretch our faith to its limit. Some situation linger for so long that they even outlive us yet the lord says to us, wait for the promise, even though it tarries…  

The children of Israel were already tired and worn out. When they began to cry to the lord, that was when  God sent a man to be born. This man grew to become forty before he manifested himself the first time. Afterwards, he ran away into hiding and would spend another 40 years before his ministry would began. During this period of course, the Israelites were still waiting, many must have died. Yet God kept his promise at  “HIS OWN RIGHT AND APPOINTED TIME” 

It is God’s time that matters not our own. His sovereignty already has everything worked out therefore we must wait on him, trust in Him and rest on the assurance that he has our best interest at heart. Keep us Lord in perfect peace for our hearts are stayed on you, for we trust in you. Amen.

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