DAILY GUIDE DEVOTIONAL: God Faithfully Guides His People

Text: Acts 7:1-16

Today,we resume the discussions on the dealings of the apostles. Having seen the establishment of Israel’s kingdom and its prosperity in the last weeks, Stephen the first christian martyr, takes us on a journey into Israel’s beginnings. God in his perfect knowledge desired to restore his relationship with mankind and he chose a man Abraham. This man said yes to God and the journey began. Rightly, according to Ecclesiastics, two cannot work together unless they are agreed. The call on Abraham demanded a total separation from his native home, family and friends. This led to God fulfilling all that he promised to him, his children and his children’s children remained in the will of God and his covenant because of the obedience of this one man.

Many others who came after him were not as faithful as Abraham, yet God in his faithfulness and constancy kept to the promise until he established Israel as his chosen nation to birth the Redeemer of the world. He never left them even once, He kept guiding, directing and leading them until they were perfectly settled in that land of promise. Stephen needed to take these priests down memory lane in case they have forgotten. The scriptures were clear on one thing even then, that all the dealings of God over Israel was for the one purpose of revealing Christ Jesus the Messiah to the world. He wanted them to see that God was still in Jesus fulfilling every promise he made to Abraham. Unfortunately, the elders couldn’t comprehend.

Our lesson, God chose one man and he said yes, his yes bought redemption not only to his lineage but for the whole world. God is still searching for faithful men and women who are willing to leave their own lives to go with His (God’s)own mandate. Servings God demands our life and our all, there’s nothing casual about it. We need to and must give it our very best.

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